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3&"yyah. it's very frustrating. because,,we're living in limbo." limboo.more than a hundred thousands maryllnders.. waking up to day four without power. when b-g-e says all customerss will have their power rrstored. sparking wire wire storm damage.. lingers across our rea.the dangers you'll still face on the roads this morning.. and what emergency officials are doing right now... to clean it up. and... posttl service cutbacks go into effect this week.what &pthat means for you. p3 3 today is uesday, today is tuesday, july 3.happy birthday , patrice! 3
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33 paariceehappyybirthday , - some school clossngs in .... anne rundel county... baltimore city... baltimore county... howard county... for links to a complete liss innyour county.. go to our website .. fox baltimore dot om lash morning. 3 map belair295bellirmap mapbelaar295
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3 friiay's massive storms still have more han a hundred
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thousand b-g-e customees paking up without power this mo. morning.heee's a lookkat the latest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county...anne coonty...baltimore ity... l - county... howard county... 3&the good news is... b-g-e has &prestored power to more than a half-million of itsscustomers and they're still working around the clock. clock.fallen trees on power lines are b-g-e's main focus today.the company is reminding intensive cleanup and they aree- askiig for your patience. they've also called in crews from around the ccuntry to helpputility contractors from massachusetts, texas, florida and even canadd... are lending a hand this week. < "that's why the whole line industryy.. they all stickk toggther and when ou nned help, we're here to help.">
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help.">b-g-e is also warning customers - to stay away from any downed lines that could be accoss one, call nd report it. it's one of the hardest hit parts of maryland. maryland..s auurey barnes tells us... people in montgomery county are still &pddaling with the mess left behind after the storm. ptorm. don gray is getting his dog zooee used to the neighborhood bethesda.. because they're going to be bethesdaa..because residence inn in aroond the residence inn in bethesda.. there a while... neighborhood..and he's made a reservvtion through next punday.gray saas: "im a coming the lines of cars hotels stretched down the - block. it was standiig rrom only at the reserration was ucky enough to snap up one of he laat aaailable
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rooms for his ffmily.. ttey couldn't spend even a single ighh inntheir 11th floor apartmmnt with no electricity.hoagland saas: "we're pretty bad up...getting two days after the storm and katrina is still cleaninggup after hurricane strength winds toppled bunch offtrees in her rockville yard-- ignitinggthe power lines right outside her winddw. papavasiliou says: " the tree that wws laying... whole yard caught on fire.. after about 200frantic calls to 911--she finally got through.. but she didn't the rrsponse she expected. papavasillou is on fire." she snapppd a few phooos as she watched the inferno.. hoping she wouldn't have to
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this ime.. her house was indeed n fire. so for now.. tte only people in this brice road neighborhood with electricity are those with generators. while she waitt for pepco to come untangle the charred mess of friends have come to her katrina's feelingglucky. not - papavasiliou says: people who are less...really thankful." ( audrey) bunchof friends she can stay with until power is restored. for those who don't montgomery for those who don't montgomery county has opened a bunch of cooling stations to stay during the hoo days to 3omm- meanwhile, governnr martin o'mallee is pushing for more progress. utility companies predict that 90-percent of hhmms illlhave power by friday.... and the governor's says that's not good enough. he gave reporters an update on the emergency &presponse monday . "iq: so, no i'm not three or four days of warning." warninng""- o'malley says he will
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push utility companies to get that power back on as soon as possible. lawwakers who are tryinggto overturn maryland's new claiminn victory.they say e they'veecolllcttd ten thousand mmre ignatures than they needed to puu the issuu on the districts were re-drawn to give democrats an unfair advantage. (parrott) "as we look aa the pap, three out of our eight congressional districts are ranked as the worst top ten pistricts, gerryyandered in country."the state board of election still has to certify the signatures beforr the re-districtinggquestion can bb placed on the ballot. the beginning of julyymeans many marylanders are now paying higherrincomeetaxes. state laamakers... increased taxes on individuals who earn m a yearr..and couples making but that ax increaae is actuaall retro-active to
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january firrt of this yeaa. (frank) "at a time when a lot are cutting taxes and trying to maae their states more attractive to businesses, we're raising taxxs on the &pmost productive people in society." 45 will be hosting a town hall mmeting on that issue in our studios thursday, july 12th. and you can watch it llve on fox-baltimore-dot-com.o to the air force is grounding all fire fighting-equipped -1-30 planes... following a fataa dakota.this is tte second time in 2 months an air tanker has a fire in southwest south pakotaa.. when it happened. several c-130's were also being used to fight the wildfire burning near colorado springs... before being grounded. it's been 75 years sinne aviator amelia earhart and her plane vanished.and this week... an international coalition is once again trying to find her remains.during a june ccnference dedicated to
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finding the pilot... the groupp announced two new clues to thee earrart mystery::unanswered radio signals soon after she disappeared....and a bottle found on the island. earhaat was trying to fly around the world when she vanished in emerggncy room... complaining of stomach pain... and leaves lighter.turnn out... doctors discoveree an oversized growth sttmach....and blocking lood flow to her heart. "she had extensive sweeling in both of her lower extremities. the blood just couldn't get back to the heart. this is something that we wouldn't have liked to havv rushed on a sunday night at eight o'clock but these situaaions are tough." tough."doctors say the patient is recovering well from the 5-hour longgsurrery. the state of miihigan is taking a whole new aaproach... tooitts public service's targetingg
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bars throughout the state... with so-callld "talking urinall cakes."and from what you're about the hear... the potties themselves... have a bii of a potty mouth. mmuth."don't drive drunk. if you do and you get arresttd, the next urinal you pee in will be in jail. withha harry guy named bubba standing behiid asking you to pick up the soap and be his bleep." the digital pucks are motion- them... a sultry voice comess on... reminding them about the dangers of drinking and driving.sooii it effective? perr's what some people had tt say. :21 "i usually get in there and get dne you know, it's like in and out you know. and someone talk to you while you're goinn to the athroom is kind of weird you know." -butt to-laat sot 1:43 "it's a waste of money. because it'll 3 months... and were aid forr - with a federal grant.they're
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pprt of a fourth of july the presidential election... may come down to the battleground states... who is in the lead, right now... in a c-n-n poll..and how many people have already made up their minds... on who forr ((break 1)) &p these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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&pduring a heatwave in michigan... and look what happens to one driver.a wommn
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pulls over to take photos of papture áthiss on ccll phone vi. s-u-v goes áairborneá... after hitting the buckled road... and goes across the edian into oncoming lanes.the people innide the s-u-v were taken to the word on their condition at this houu. ((2-shot toss to eather)) ((ad lib meteorologiss)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) mapbelair295 895mapsmta
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3 mtamaps895 mapsmta 3 3 3 33 3 you've eard it for months... the postal service is hurting! hurting!when major changes
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will takeeplace...and how it will affeet you! you!iithink our generaaion is less connected with this election than they were in 2008 plus...2 candidates... four months to go...find out who a new poll shows issin the lead to be the next president. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 it's about time we made our homes work for us. so let's make our dryers do the ironing. have our fridges cater our parties.
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election mayyccme down to which candidate can win more battleground states. a new c-n-n... opinion research council poll gives the eege right now to mitt romney. joe johns has more from the battleground state of iowa. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- even though the president maintains a lead in our nationwide polling it appears to be a different stooy in the 15 battleground states, including iowa where we met this group of young voters at the court avenue estaurant and brewing company in des moines.. our latest cnn orc out to an 8 point -- 51 ny is - percent too43 percent advantage among percent percent to 43 romney issout to poll indicates mitt latest cnn orc poll indicates mitt romney is out to an 8 point -- 51 percent to 43 peecent advantage among registered voters advantage among registered voters in the 15 states we consider in play. the 7 true toss up states and the 8 states leaning either toward the president or his republican challenger. nnck republican challenger. nick pottabaum has supported romney since the iowa ccucuses -- and pragmatism as a key selling point.. if you look at his record in terms of his ability innthe private sector and being governor of
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definitely some interesting insight into his ability just obama's had four years to ack - solve ome problems aad i think he's lacked leadership and a lot of direction and i think mitt romney is just realll strong whennit comes to solving problems and being very pragmatic. the news is noo all good for the republican challenger however... as a presidential election approaches, few things are seen as more important than incumbent president seems to have it on his side t least for now.. in march only 46 percent of democrats said they in november and now that oting - number is up to 59 percent.. a 13 point increase.. i'm very excited for this election. i've beennreally pleased president ooama put his neck out on the line for students for romney-- not so much. republican enthusiasm has percent in march versus 51 52 - percent noow its a very different race frommthe last time obama and romney ran for president i think our generatton is less connected with this election than they were in 2008 primarily beccuse in 2008 most of us were first time voters the poll also &pshows that 79% of voters ave already made up their minds on whom they're voting for in november. anecdotallyy-- here in iowa -- we didn't find any on the fence. joe ohns c-n-n des moines. -----end----- cnn..cript----- 3
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changes to the postal service... service...when they're scheddled to take place...and how it will affect you youplus ... storm pick up continues... 4 days after those powerful storms ripped through the many people are still without power, this morning. ((break 3)) 3 ((bbeak 3))
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i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is napthali bryant and i am a phoenix.
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visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. the postal serviie is cllsing dozens of mail processing ppants to cut back on expenses. alison osik has more on what his means for you. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- it's no secret that the -s with its balancc sheee. starting this week-- thee service will implement some moving forward with plans to
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consolidate 48 maillprocessing plants in theenext two months. next year-- they'll consolidate about 100 more. post oofices. they're the big - facilities where mail gets sorted. the american postal workers union made a last- ditch effort to stop the changes-- but the postal regulatooy commission denied the request. the about 5-thoussnd workers..but elsewhere-- or retirement worry about the package you just mailed. the postal service says snail mail won't this first phase of changes.. - but the next phase of cutbacks down the first-class mail that most americans use. the postal serviie posted a $5-billion dollar loss last year. so the consolidations are just the latest attempt to streamline the it alive. i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end----- cnn.script----- those sweltering ttose sweltering
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temperatures...are claiming deaths have happened in lated - maryland... so far this year. year.
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the mess after the information on the clean-up effort.

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